Benefits Of Meditation

  When we meditate we elicit the opposite bodily reaction from the “fight or flight” response — a state of deep relaxation. Benefits from a deep state of relaxation include: 1. Balanced breathing 2. Normalized pulse / heart rate 3. Regulated blood pressure These are the key markers of lower stress levels and good healthContinue reading “Benefits Of Meditation”

One Yoga Posture A Day Challenge – Keep Going !

Maybe you haven’t gotten started.  Maybe its hard to keep with it.  Maybe you missed a day here or there.  This is all normal.  This is life with it’s ups and downs.  I want you to know it’s ok. You can begin now, begin again, refocus and get back on track.  You are amazing afterContinue reading “One Yoga Posture A Day Challenge – Keep Going !”

One Posture A Day Challenge – Let’s begin !

You are invited to join us for the one posture a day challenge.  How does it work?  All you need to do is find time in your day to do one yoga posture.  Get on your mat or get in your chair for one posture and amazing things will happen.  You might even find yourselfContinue reading “One Posture A Day Challenge – Let’s begin !”

Our Natural State of Harmony

None of us would doubt that tension in our bodies makes us feel bad, uncomfortable, sad, confused or even fearful.  These emotional states are often the cause of the tension our bodies feel in the first place.  Our emotions and how our bodies feel are cyclical.  Negative and dark emotions begin to affect our bodiesContinue reading “Our Natural State of Harmony”