Our Natural State of Harmony

None of us would doubt that tension in our bodies makes us feel bad, uncomfortable, sad, confused or even fearful.  These emotional states are often the cause of the tension our bodies feel in the first place.  Our emotions and how our bodies feel are cyclical.  Negative and dark emotions begin to affect our bodies and make us feel bad and in pain, this makes us feel more negative thoughts and emotions.  Our bodies can be self-perpetuating tension and stress machines and the only way to fuel it, is more tension.

Stress in our emotional state causes tension in our physical state.  We can interchange the words stress or tension, because they really mean the same things.  The reason tension inside our bodies is experienced as pain is that this it is our bodies warning signal to wake up.  Tension in our bodies and mental states is not in harmony with who we are meant to be.  This disharmony is why we feel it as pain.

There is another way of being.  Our natural state of harmony is one of happiness, joy, beauty and peace.  This is the harmony that we are all meant to live in and embody.  It’s not a coincidence that it makes us feel good inside to laugh, to smile, to live in awe and to be a good friend.  Being happy, joyful and at peace will allow us to not only be beautiful, but it will allow us to be free of pain and tension in our bodies.  I believe we can reverse the cyclical nature of our bodies to be one of happiness instead of tension.  Do not underestimate how joy, happiness and peace can heal your body, mind and spirit.

So today, laugh a little more, smile a little harder, give in to joy and be nice to someone that needs it.  Really, it’s not hard to be an amazing person, all we need to do is be our best selves.  After all you are already amazing!

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