Thai Yoga Bodywork

What Is Thai Body Work:

Thai Yoga Bodywork combines elements of massage, yoga, and acupressure. It works to clear blockages in your body by applying a healing touch to the affected pressure points. The technique of massage and stretching releases tension in the limbs and muscles promoting relief from pain and improvement in flexibility. Once these blockages are removed, energy will flow freely in your body.  Energy that flows freely will improve ailments and increase your overall physical and mental health.

A massage usually lasts for 90 minutes to two hours. The massage is practiced on a shiatsu mattress on the floor or on a massage table. You’ll want to wear comfortable clothing and refrain from eating or drinking for at least an hour before your massage.  The massage involves the use of hands, elbows and feet. A number of techniques such as applying pressure on the muscles, pulling fingers and toes, and stretching are used to free the blockages in the body. Oil is normally not applied during the therapy session. At the end of the massage session you will feel relaxed, energized and balanced.

“This was the first morning in FOREVER that I didn’t wake up with lower back pain. 🙂 THANK YOU” – Jessica Schumacher

Current Specials and Rates
  • Regular Rate $95 for 90 minutes $75 for 60 minutes.
  • Regular Client/Yoga Student Special – $60 for 1 hour or $75 for 90 minutes if you are a weekly or monthly client and you have the massage at my home studio.  The advantage is that you always leave with your next appointment scheduled.
  • Three Treatments for 30 minutes each – $95 for all 3, must be scheduled at the same time and close together to be effective.  This is great if you are wanting to work on a particular body area.
  • Travel – Add $20 if you would like to have the massage in your home or at your location.

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Call Ricky at 414-759-8169 or email him at

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