Meals at the Ashram

The dining hall is where we take Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner. The food is made my a family that lives here at the Ashram. The first thing you do is wash your hands in the outdoor sink. Then we line up to get food at the counter. We each take turns volunteering to serve for the day. Then we sit on the floor with our platters on these wooden tables. Conversations are quiet and kept at a minimum because it prevents proper digestion of food. Then we wash our dishes in the outdoor sink with this detergent and bark, I believe its from a cocoa tree. All of the food is incredibly fresh, delicious and amazing. The food alone is worth the trip.

Im trying to figure out a way to help with the cooking. You must be a Brahman in this Ashram. A Brahman is the top most person in the Caste system. You are born into the caste system because of karma. There main work is to to study and to teach which is why they are in the highest caste. This ensures the purity of the food.








One thought on “Meals at the Ashram

  1. Ricky, All this is so fantastic!. I am so happy for you.! Yes, please pray to the Goddess for wealth for us, that is always welcome! Take more pictures, even of regular items, years from now they may all be precious. I have few photos from africa and china. but the memories! We miss you, and look forward to you coming Home! Love, John & Aimee

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