Satsang Evening Prayer

Every night from 9 pm – 10 pm we practice evening prayer here in the Residence Hall. We sing songs / chant in front of Hanuman. We sit on the floor cross legged on an old carpet that is a little moldy because most of the year it is humid here. The chanting is not in english so I am not sure what is going on for this hour of the day. I sometimes sing loudly to words I can not pronounce but it messes everyone up near me…. but its so funny I can barely contain laughter and it catches on then everyone near me laughs…. This is my favorite part of the day.

Hanuman is the great devotee of Ram, one of the incantations of The Lord, Hanuman is the embodiment of auspiciousness, courage, devotion, eloquence physical prowess, victory and intelligence. He is half human and half monkey. He is my favorite of the Hindu Gods. Years ago I read the Ramayana and his story unfolds there. I think he makes me laugh its his monkey nature…so I don’\ think its all my fault I make everyone giggle in silence.




2 thoughts on “Satsang Evening Prayer

  1. I can completely see you trying to contain laughter during this. Is it as hard as the Rufus Wainright concert? 🙂 Kidding aside, it sounds like an awesome way to end the day. PS I love all the pictures.

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