Yoga and Disclipine

This is a very strict program. If anyone is late by even 5 minutes they do not allow you to participate. You must leave and then they have another lecture on being late for the whole class to hear. If you are late for class you will be late as a teacher then have no credibility as a teacher. No will hear what you are teaching. We must sit in the same place in the classrooms each day with everything lined up. Shoes lined up outside of the room. No unnecessary belongings around us to distract us. All yoga and class discussions are held in the second floor of this building.

We also need discipline in our yoga repeating stretches and postures and then we will receive progress in our bodies. Discipline of the mind will then occur and then we can put our mind to anything and in time we will accomplish whatever it is that we seek.




3 thoughts on “Yoga and Disclipine

  1. WOW!!! What a schedule you have to keep that in itself will teach displine things are going godd here. We do miss your morining visit. I check in with tony every day. been doing the hot chocolate every morining and add cookies yesterday and muffins today. They are rely loving it. well breakfast is starting so i’ll write later. Love ya and miss ya Aimee

  2. Hey…unbelievable! What an experience. You must be loving it — I am loving it
    just reading about it. Aimee is right — all is good here, kind of slow today but it is allowing me to get through some of the piles of paper laying around my office.
    Enjoy your stay — think of all the stories you will be able to bring back to us.
    We all miss you. later….BEC

  3. Well, you are never late anyway! I think what is so nice about this (strictness and all) is that it makes you concentrate and focus and not worry about all the outside forces. That must bring incredible peace. xoxo

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