My room



This is my room and the view I have on the balcony, this is where the sink we share is located. It’s actually a nice view from the sink. :). I am really glad I brought three weeks of white Tshirts and underwear because I think the laundry involves something like me washing clothes in this sink and hanging them on the lines near the roof of the balcony. Men are in rooms on the first floor. Women are on the second floor.



2 thoughts on “My room

  1. ricky it looks sunny and warm. we had rain all day with a few flurrys im off to work in an hour. study hard..will write later. aimee

  2. Ricky! It looks beautiful and peaceful. Have you met your roomate yet? Glad you have enough underwear for the trip 🙂 Washing underwear in your sink does not sound fun! Can’t wait for more pics. xoxo

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