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“I’ve benefitted from holding yoga postures longer because it has helped me with three things: Created better body awareness, increased my stability and has helped my flexibility. I would recommend the Thursday night class to everyone, not just beginners. Everyone, no matter their fitness level, beginner or more advanced, can benefit from increased body awareness, better stability and flexibility.”

– Dr. Julie Vance, Chiropractor


“For me, it is my neck and shoulders that give me discomfort. I have benefited immediately from holding postures longer because the relief when i release is incredibly more noticeable and lasts a lot longer. Ricky guides us through postures that release tension and increase flexibility in areas that you may not have even known you needed it. And the relief in problem areas is very noticeable. I always sleep better after yoga!”

– Lynn Beyer, Workforce Program Manager, NFPA


“For me, yoga, thai massage, and meditation offer a release from the tensions of everyday life. I experience a peace of mind and sense of calm when engaged in such activities. At first I was looking for physical results, but as I continue to practice these things, I know that they have become emotional  and psychological tools as well. While I am not disciplined enough to do them as regularly as I could, I know that they are always tools that I can turn to in order to bring health and happiness into my life.”

          -Lisa Meyer, Full-time Teacher and Multiple Sclerosis Survivor

Yoga and Thai Massage with Ricky have helped me expand my range of motion, which is important to keep especially as we age or need to recover from illnesses. I have felt more energy and vitality after his treatments and classes.”
          -Cookie Anderson, Retired Guidance Counselor and Program Coordinator of PPRG. (Post Polio Resource Group)
“This was the first morning in FOREVER that I didn’t wake up with lower back pain. 🙂 THANK YOU”
          – Jessica Schumacher. Ski Patrol Instructor and Community Volunteer

Yoga-for-MS-cropped-for-webShare Your Story

If you are willing to be included and share your story to inspire others to do yoga please email the following information to Ricky at
1. Why did you start doing yoga / come to class?
2. What benefits have you noticed from yoga/meditation?
3. Why would you recommend others do yoga/meditate/go to class?
4. How would you like to have your name/title listed?

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