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Thai Massage Workshops with visiting Trainer, Ricky Heldt, ERYT.Ricky Heldt focuses on Yoga and Thai Bodywork for Healing.  He is an Adaptive Yoga Instructor, Thai body work therapist, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Gentle Tai Chi Instructor for more than 20 years. Level One: February 14th – 15th & Level Two: February 15th-16th

Location: Dripping Springs Garden, 1558 County Rd. 548, Huntsville, Arkansas 72740
About Us – Dripping Springs Garden

​These workshops are for anyone who is interested in offering Thai Massage, either as a stand alone practice or as an integrated therapy in your wellness business. Thai Massage is a great way to increase your income potential by offering this additional service to your clients and students. It is a wonderful addition to the service menu for all types of bodyworkers and yoga teachers. Registered Yoga Teachers will receive 12 Continuing Education Hours through Yoga Alliance for each level.

What Is Thai Body Work:
Thai Yoga Bodywork combines elements of massage, yoga, and acupressure. It works to clear blockages in the body by applying a healing touch to the affected pressure points. The technique of massage and stretching releases tension in the limbs and muscles promoting relief from pain and improvement in flexibility. Once these blockages are removed, energy will flow freely in the body. Energy that flows freely will improve ailments and increase overall physical and mental health.

What Will You Be Able to Offer Your Clients/Students:
You can apply these techniques throughout your regular yoga or bodywork session, or offer a stand-alone hour long Thai massage session. The massage is practiced on a shiatsu mattress on the floor or on a massage table. The massage involves the use of hands, elbows and feet. A number of techniques such as applying pressure on the muscles, pulling fingers and toes, and stretching are used to free the blockages in the body. At the end of the massage session your clients will feel relaxed, energized and balanced.

Level One

Friday, February 14th, 9 am-5 pm & Saturday, February 15th, 9 am -1 pm In Level One you will learn to give a 60 minute massage on a mat on the floor. Limited to 8 participants. $275 before November 15th / $325 on or after November 15th


Level Two

Saturday, February 15th, 12 pm-5 pm & February 16th, 9 am - 4 pm. In Level Two you will learn to give a 90 minute massage adding on to the skills you learned in level one and how to tailor the massage for different populations. $275 before November 15th / $325 on or after November 15th


Level One and Level Two Combination

Yes I want to take both workshops. Level One: Friday, February 14th 9 am-5 pm & Saturday, February 15th 9 am -1 pm Level Two: Saturday, February 15th 12 pm-5 pm & Sunday, February 16th 9 am - 4 pm. $495 for both levels before November 15th / $595 on or after November 15th


Lodging at Dripping Springs Garden: $30 per person for double occupancy with shared bathroom. We have 4 rooms and so could accommodate 8 maximum. $60 for single occupancy room with shared bathroom if space allows.
Home-cooked Organic Meals: $10 per meal, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Contact Dripping Springs Garden for lodging and meal arrangements: 870-545-3658

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